URL Rewriting Made Easy in WordPress

You can create unlimited redirections and rewrites with this WordPress rewrite plugin. A redirect and rewrite can be used in many cases, for instance:

  • To hide a URL you don’t want to show
  • To shorten a long URL
  • To monitor the traffic of a URL
  • To redirect the users to another page during a maintenance
  • To rewrite the content with customized URLs
  • To customize whatever URL you wish

You want to create your own customized URLs in WordPress? Then, below is the link for the plugin you can download it from.

Url Redirect Rewrite

How It Works

Let’s assume the following is a typical URL,


and you can serve the content of this URL with the another URL of your own as the following,


You can serve your content with any customized URL of your own using this plugin.

You can access the plugin under Tools section as given in the screenshot below.